Creating an Arduino project is a fantastic way to explore the world of electronics and programming. She is Kathleen &, an Electrical Engineer who proposes the Arduino program code lines. The project can include sensors, actuators, and visualization elements. 


She will Provide:

— Arduino Code (.ino)= The heart of any Arduino project is its code. Each line of code plays a crucial role in making your project function as intended. These comments serve as explanations, making it easier for anyone, including yourself, to understand your code in the future.

— Electronic Circuit Connection Diagram (.jpg)= It serves as a visual guide, helping you connect sensors, actuators, and other components correctly to your Arduino board. By following the diagram, you can avoid common wiring mistakes and ensure your project operates smoothly.

Regarding budget and delivery time, it is important to be transparent and realistic with you. She will not only make it easier to build and troubleshoot but also allow you to share your creation with others in a clear and organized manner.