If you want to take your Etsy shop to the next level and increase your sales, you may want to consider utilizing professional Etsy SEO services. These services can help boost your shop’s visibility and ranking in search results, leading to increased traffic and ultimately more sales.

One such service is an automated process for ranking high-traffic, low-competition listings on the first page of Etsy search results. While automatic listings ranking can be a valuable tool for increasing your shop’s visibility, it’s essential to keep in mind that it doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales, likes, or visits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Store requirements?Make sure you have 20+ products in your store with filled tags and titles. 
Does he offer a guarantee for achieving 1st-page rankings? READ BEFORE ORDER!He guarantees your listing on first page or a full refund. If you believe it’s impossible, don’t order.
Is the ranking service guaranteed to increase sales?While the ranking service is designed to drive sales and improve your shop’s visibility in search results, there is no guarantee of a specific number of sales. Rankings boost is a long-term investment and results may take time.
Can he rank specific listings and keywords?

This service is only for automatic ranking, you CAN’T choose or replace listings, because the process is fully automated. If you want to rank exact listings and keywords, contact him.
Does he need access to my store?No, He doesn’t need access to your store. Process is fully automated you don’t need to change titles or tags.
How many days does it take to rank on the #1 page?Normally, for keywords with less than 100,000 listings in search, ranking to 1st page takes 7-10 days. Sometimes it may take longer. If you can’t wait more than 10 days let him know before placing an order.
How long listings stay on first page?Normally 2-3+ weeks, but it always depends on niche. If your competitors have 5-6 sales per day and after ranked on 1st page you making 0-1 sales, unfortunately you listing will be back down in a few days. Highly competitive niches need more time. Run sale, it helps to get sales and stay longer.
Can he SEO optimize listing titles and tags?Yes, he can, for more information, contact him.
Could it harm my store? Is there a risk of being banned?His promotion method follows Etsy policy guidelines. However, since 2022, Etsy has been blocking stores without clear reasons, particularly new ones after initial sales. Take a look at the Etsy forums to witness the extent of this issue.
Does he provide promotion services anywhere else?He exclusively provides promotion services on Fiverr and nowhere else. If you come across his images or someone offering services under his name elsewhere, please be aware that it is a scam. He is not affiliated with anyone else and works solely on Fiverr.