Looking for a professional book formatter to make your work shine?

He is Manuel, a Passionate Creator, Architect, and Writer. He has several Books published on Amazon. With 5 years of experience formatting thousands of print books and e-books, he offers exceptional book formatting services. Using industry-standard software like Adobe InDesign, he will skillfully layout and format your manuscript to meet the highest publishing standards. Whether it’s a novel, memoir, or non-fiction book, attention to detail is his priority.

His basic service package includes formatting up to 15,000 words and delivering a ready-to-upload PDF file with correct margins, line spacing, page numbers, and more. For more significant manuscripts, he offers options like accommodating extra words, providing an editable source file, or additional revisions.

Please note that he guarantees the highest quality formatting with Adobe InDesign, but cannot provide a Word editable file. He also handles specialized formats like poetry books or manuscripts with images, tables, and footnotes.

He offers unlimited revisions. Custom quotes are available for unique projects. Contact him today for a custom quote and let’s make your book stand out!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Custom Style Package?Include custom and stylish chapter openings, numbers, drop caps, lead-ins, and more stylish font combinations; so your book interior will look UNIQUE.
What’s the Source File format?In Design Files.
Can he give me an Editable World File?He can’t cause he doesn’t use Word software to format your Book Interior.
Revision PolicyHe offers 2 Revisions for Correcting typos, spelling mistakes, extra spacing, or wrong words included in the original manuscript you send him. Any error or mistake in the final PDF, and not presented in the original manuscript you send him, will be corrected for free.
What if he wants to add extra material (or change it) after the order has been placed?It will incur an extra charge as an Additional Revision, cause adding new information to the book’s interior will modify the layout of the whole book, practically starting from zero.
What’s included (and not) in the Unlimited Revision?Unlimited Revision includes any modification missing in the original order manuscript, typos and add or replace one or two lines, and his own format errors. When you want to add extra text, more than 100 words, you need to pay for an “Extra Revision” that will include adding up to 15k more words.