VR 360° video is a powerful way to create immersive experiences for viewers. But editing VR video can be challenging, as it requires specialized skills and software.

Are you looking for a skilled VR 360° video editor?

Look no further! He is Adi Mahirun and possesses extensive experience in VR-specific editing techniques and can deliver exceptional results for your project. He optimizes your footage for various platforms including YouTube, Oculus, and other VR headsets.

When working with VR footage, he excels in tasks such as stitching and alignment, ensuring a seamless and immersive viewing experience. He can also handle tracking or key-framing to add dynamic elements to your videos. He specializes in keying or chroma key techniques, enabling the integration of virtual elements into your footage. To enhance the visual appeal, he can perform color grading or correction, giving your video the desired look and feel.

He can add background music that complements the VR environment and use motion graphics and 360 titles to enhance the storytelling. If you require branding elements, He is adept at inserting logos and photos seamlessly. For added impact, he can merge multiple 360° and standard videos, creating a captivating experience for your viewers.

If your footage includes unwanted objects like drones or tripods, he can skillfully remove them through patching techniques, resulting in a clean and professional final image. Additionally, he is proficient in reframing footage to a standard format if required.

Rest assured that your final video will be VR-ready and compatible with a wide range of devices, supporting resolutions up to 8K. To ensure a smooth collaboration, please contact him before placing your order and provide the footage in equirectangular format (mp4, mov, insta360, or gopro360) via Google Drive or WeTransfer.

He looks forward to reviewing your footage and working with you to bring your VR 360° video to life!