Are you struggling with a hacked WordPress website? Is your site experiencing issues or vulnerabilities that need immediate attention?

He is an expert in WordPress security, He can help you fix problems and secure your website, giving you peace of mind and protecting your online presence. He is a Webmaster and Web Security Expert with over 10 years in the industry with 8k+ secured websites. Always focuses on WordPress security and malware cleanup.

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His Services:

  1. Hacked WordPress Site Recovery: If malicious activities or hackers have compromised your website, he helps you identify and remove malware, backdoors, and other security threats.

  2. Issue Troubleshooting: If your WordPress site facing technical issues such as broken links, or error messages, he will diagnose and resolve any issues that are affecting the performance, functionality, or user experience of your website.

  3. Security Audit and Hardening: He will conduct a comprehensive security audit of your WordPress site to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement robust security measures to protect your site from hackers and other security risks.

  4. Website Backup and Disaster Recovery: He will set up automated backups of your WordPress site and databases, allowing you to quickly recover your site in case of data loss, server failures, or other emergencies.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Can he fix GOOGLE ADS campaign limits due to detected unwanted ads and malicious links?Yeah, he fixes Google Ads issues in most cases. However, as this is not a simple task, before placing such an order, it`s MANDATORY to contact and provide him with all the details.
Can you offer WordPress theme customization?Yes, he has 6+ years of WordPress theme customizing and development experience. He can customize all types of themes.
Is it possible that after a cleanup my site undergoes changes?Do you also Restore Lost Access to Social Media Accounts or provide hacking services?
Do you also Restore Lost Access to Social Media Accounts or provide hacking services?NO! he does not provide hacking services for websites or social media accounts. He does not restore Lost Access to Social media profiles. He ONLY provides: Fixing Websites Services: Websites Malware Removal, WordPress Sites Bugs Fixing, CSS & HTML, Broken websites fixing, Recovering websites, etc…

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