If you’re looking for a talented and reliable freelancer to create a custom Chrome or Firefox extension for you, Nenad is definitely worth considering.

Nenad is a highly skilled freelancer on Fiverr who specializes in creating custom Chrome and Firefox extensions for his clients and with over 10 years of experience in web development.  He’s a top choice for anyone looking to create a custom extension.

He is a Web Developer with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress, Magento, and CodeIgniter. If you require help resolving issues, implementing some custom script, or creating a website, feel free to contact him.

He is a (Level Two) Freelancer

Ratings are Excellent (5 out of 5)

He will provide:

✅ Interaction with API services included chatGPT/OpenAI, Coingecko, Youtube
✅ Inserting data in input forms and simulating mouse clicks in browser
✅ Interaction with multiple tabs in browser
✅ Interaction with web page html structure
✅ Scraping/parsing data from websites and export data in csv format
✅ Web browser games & quizzes
✅ Nft minting

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