Are you ready to take the leap and make your mark in cryptocurrencies?

He offers you the unique opportunity to have your very own fully independent cryptocurrency on its own blockchain.

Silver Package: You get to architect your cryptocurrency’s foundation. Choose the name of your coin, set the cap on the total number of coins that can ever exist, and enjoy the security and convenience of a desktop wallet. He also is there with you every step of the way, providing long-term support and expert advice to ensure your project’s success.

Gold Package: Take your cryptocurrency to the next level with his Gold Package. This package includes everything from the Silver Package and more. You have the freedom to select a unique abbreviation for your coin and design a logo that perfectly represents your brand. This Package comes with a desktop wallet for easy accessibility.

Platinum Package: Everything from the Gold Package. Decide how long it should take on average to mine 1 block, and select how often/fast the mining reward should be halved. Pick the reward for mining, and enhanced security checkpoints for your personal wallet provide an extra layer of protection. The Platinum Package also unlocks more premium features and options to give your cryptocurrency a competitive edge.

Expert Guidance: Embarking on the journey of creating your own cryptocurrency can be both thrilling and challenging. But worry not, as his experienced team is here to support you through every difficulty you encounter. He believes that everybody should have the opportunity to bring their innovative ideas to life and make a mark in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Choose the package that suits your vision and let us help you bring your dream cryptocurrency to reality. Let’s revolutionize the digital economy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I contact you before ordering?

Yes it is usually better to contact him beforehand. But if you read through the service description carefully, you are sure that it is exactly what you need, and if you don’t have any special requests then you can go ahead without that.


What will this Cryptocurrency be based on?

This is a full coin, not a token of another blockchain. This means that it has its own blockchain and is completely independent. The source code is based on his codebase, which is based on Litecoins codebase. But your coin will be completely separate from any other coin.


What specifications will this coin have?

Coin type: PoW PoW: Scrypt Decentralized: Yes, Every other specification depends on the options you choose.


Do you create Tokens?

No, He creates fully independent cryptocurrencies/coins. The difference is, they have their own blockchain. This means your coin will not require gas or any other currency of another blockchain to run.


How can I earn money from this?

You can sell your premine. These are coins that only you as the creator will receive at the start. You can make money by selling this premine, either manually or later when you get the coin listed through an exchange.


Will you help me get the coin listed on an exchange?

While listing the coin will not be part of his service and he can not guarantee a listing, a big part of his job is to give advice to the new coin owners and help with his experience. They are successful with this method with many listings in the past and he is optimistic that this will continue.


Is a server needed to host this coin?

The beauty of a decentralized cryptocurrency is that everyone can, and many people will host a node. That makes hosting your own server infrastructure optional. You can host a node to support the network, but it is not necessary.