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Do you want to integrate Open AI? Yes, he can build the integration for you. Oh yes, and he can also do ChatGPT, custom neural network, create a video, and actually everything, Just hire him.

✔ Top Rated Freelancer,

✔ Ratings are good (5 out of 5),

✔ Communication time is very speedy (only 1-60 minutes),

✔ Provide fast delivery,

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His offers:
  1. You get in touch via DM, and discuss the problem they are solving, the target audience, and the GPT3 solution. Let’s speak in English, not in JavaScript.
  2. You get on a brief Zoom call to discuss in more detail, and – if he sees that they can work together – he makes you an offer;
  3. If you like it, you say yes, if you don’t—you say no. No attachments.


Frequently Asked Questions

What OPEN AI and ChatGPT can do?Great question! Currently, OpenAI and chatgpt capabilities allow entrepreneurs to process and generate text content just like a native English speaker would do. AI is proficient in math, physics, copywriting, marketing, and many other areas of expertise it was trained for.
What are AI limitations?The quality of output is defined by the quality of input. Meaning, that the better prompt (text command) you give to Open AI, the better the outcome will be. Also, keep in mind that the current knowledge of Open AI is limited up until year 2021, when the dataset for its training was gathered.
How I can capitalize on the AI?Connecting SaaS techniques with “AI brains” allows you to sell AI content and capabilities with the convenience of an everyday app customers are using. You can combine it with models like Dall E or Midjourney, to produce images AND text at the same time.

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