Are you a children’s book author looking for a way to bring your story to life and reach a new audience?

To get started, all you need is a copy of your book in PDF format and the illustrations you would like to use in layered Source File, Ai, or PSD format. If you don’t have these files in the appropriate format, don’t worry – the animation team can prepare your files for animation for an extra fee.

Once you have all the necessary files, the animation team can work their magic to create a fully narrated, visually stunning video book.  Not only is an animated video book a great way to introduce your story to a new audience, but it’s also a fantastic way to promote your book and generate interest. A unique and engaging format like an animated video book can make your book stand out.

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Turn your children’s storybook into an animated video book today and share your story with the world in a new way!



Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats do I need to turn my book into an animated video story?Please send his team the original source files (PSD or Ai). They can also work with PDF, JPEG or PNG files for an extra fee, to prepare your illustrations for animation. If your book is in a different format, please contact him to see if they can accommodate it.
Is it possible to animate any children’s book into a video?Yes! They haven’t come across a book yet that we couldn’t bring to life in a video version. Every book is unique, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your vision.
How do I know how long my video will be, and which package I should order?Please get in touch with his team and send a copy of your book/manuscript that way they can accurately assess your story and let you know which category it will fall into. They animate books up to 1 hour in length and can create an offer specifically to suit your needs.
My children’s book is already an audiobook. Can I provide my own narration?Yes, of course, they can use the existing narration of your children’s book, in MP3 format, to create your animated video.
What file type will my animated video be in?They will provide you with an MP4 video file.