Emotes have become an essential part of modern communication and expression in the online world. Whether it’s Twitch, Discord, TikTok, or Facebook, these small pictures can add a lot of personality to your messages and help you connect with your audience in a more personal way. And if you’re looking for high-quality, exclusive emotes, you’re in luck because the summer sale has begun!

For a low price, you can get emotes, stickers, and other small pictures of your liking. These emote will be delivered to you in three different sizes: 112×112 pixel PNG file, 56x 56 pixel PNG file, and 28x 28 pixel PNG file. However, it’s important to note that these emote will be in raster format only, not vector.

If you’re looking for something more unique, animated emotes are also available for an additional price of 20-25$ per piece. The exact cost will depend on technical aspects, so it’s best to message the seller for a precise price.

It’s also essential to note that prices for badges are the same: 5$ for 1; 15$ for 3; and 25$ for 5. If you need TikTok or Facebook emotes, the price is 10 US $ per emote, and you should make sure to choose the FB/TikTok extra package.

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If you’re interested in adding some personality and fun to your online communication, consider taking advantage of the summer sale and getting you emotes as soon as possible!


Does he make badges/bit emotes/bit icons as well? And what are the prices?Yup. Prices are the same as emotes.
Does he do custom emotes (not the ones that already exist)?Yes, he does 😀 P.S.not sure why it is a question, but some people ask, so may it be.
Does he make larger amounts (more than 5 emotes)?Absolutely, it may take more time, though.
Does he make TIKTOK or FACEBOOK emotes?He does, however, the price for them is 10 US dollars per 1 emote, please dm him if you want to purchase 2+ FB or TIKTOK emotes.
Does he make revisions once the order is compelted?He doesn’t make complex revisions or complete makeovers once the order is completed. If you want something minor revised, He may do it. He will send work in progress and/or samples, so once you confirm-anything beyond is a matter for another order.