Are you looking to take your apparel T-Shirt business to the next level?

Damian, a professional designer with over 13 years of experience, is here to provide you with highly detailed, custom, and premium-quality t-shirt designs that will captivate your audience and drive sales.

With a proven track record of satisfying over 2,000 clients on platforms like Fiverr and collaborating with renowned bands and brands such as Sabaton, Slayer, and Joey Ramone, Damian has the expertise to create designs to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression.

What sets Damian apart is his commitment to delivering on time and ensuring the satisfaction of clients. By investing in his services, you open doors to developing your business and gaining the status of a premium brand. With carefully crafted designs, you can outshine your competitors and increase your earnings significantly.

When you choose Damian, you can expect a seamless collaboration with no hidden costs. Whether you require a quick sketch or a fully layered source file, he provides the necessary files for commercial use, including high-resolution PNGs with transparent backgrounds and vector files ready for printing. To protect your investment, you’ll also receive a copyright document, ensuring the exclusive use of your designs.

As an added bonus, Damian includes professional mockups to showcase your designs effectively. These realistic representations allow your customers to visualize how your apparel will look, enticing them to make a purchase.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to transform your business. Take advantage of attractive discounts for big orders and embark on risk-free cooperation with Damian. With his top-notch designs, your t-shirt business will thrive, bringing you new leads and boosting your sales.

Hire now and witness the impact of premium quality designs on your brand’s success!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why his prices differ from other Freelancers?

Because he is providing original, custom artwork drawn from scratch while many other freelancers sell modified templates from stock or clipart designs, mostly outsourced. It takes a maximum of 2 hours for them to create, while he spends at least 20 hours per design. He always respects his work and his clients.


How many designs are included in the package?

It’s for one detailed design. If you require more than 1 design or want to order in bulk, please reach out to discuss first.


Why are other packages cheaper?

The price of the design is estimated based on its complexity, level of detail and the effort it requires. ( Simple graphics are cheaper)


What is the difference between standard and premium offers ?

In the premium offer, he spends 2X more time on the project so the quality/details are the highest possible.


What are your work procedures?

After accepting the order he prepares a quick sketch so we can brainstorm on it before he starts designing. Thanks to that you know, at the early stage, if his work will fulfil your expectations and if it’s in line with your thoughts. In the latter stage, you can also request revisions.


Do you also create other types of artworks?

Yes, he creates logos, posters, book/comic covers, tattoos, album covers, NFT’s etc in different styles. Feel free to reach out to discuss.


Can I commercially sell apparel with your designs?

All of his designs are for commercial use, he can provide you with copyright documents.


Can you prepare the artwork in vector?

Sure, but let him know if it’s the vector format that you are looking for in the initial stage itself.


Can you shorten the time of delivery ?

He can complete the project with priority in 4 days but there will be extra fast delivery charges.


Do you use AI tools for creating artwork?

No, he doesn’t use it because he wants to be fair with his clients. AI designs are not copyrighted, meaning those designs can be replicated and used by anyone legally. It was also widely reported in reputed sources Forbes, Reuters etc about US copyright office striking down such copyright applications.